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Volunteer Positions open

Postby Bill Tozer » Feb 20, 2006 9:09 am

Wanted a few good cavers. The Society is in need of four chairmen for positions of most importance. The Fund Raising Committee is responsible for communicating with the NSS Credit Card company, Car Rental, and other corporate funding sources. The Committee is responsible for all fund raising activities.

The Society also is looking toward grants as a source to fund future projects. The Grants Executive Steering Committee will locate areas for possible grant income. The chairman of this committee needs a broad knowledge of the Society and of potential grant sources. The Committee will have a minimum of two board members.

The Grants Committee is responsible for the actual grant writing. An experienced grant writer would be great, but experience is not required.

The Planning Committee is also in need of leadership. This committee is charged with developing a long term plan for the Society. The committee needs to look at the Society in 10 to 20 years. What will the NSS look like? What goals and strategies must be set today.

For a more detailed description go to http://www.caves.org/info/volunteer.shtml

Each of these positions requires good communication skills and a willingness to work for the Society. Contact Bill Tozer, NSS President at President@caves.org.
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