Cosmetic surgeon

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Cosmetic surgeon

Postby makhno » Mar 21, 2010 1:32 am

And so there was this cosmetic surgeon who was sitting in his consultation room chatting to his friend.

In the middle of a conversation, a gorgeous female walked into the room and kissed the surgeon and said, "Thank you so much! You have done wonder to my body and look. I was an ugly duckling before that and now I looked like a princess."

When the gorgeous lady left the room, the surgeon's friend asked, "Wow, who was that? You have certainly done a good job."

The surgeon replied, "Oh, that was my mum," and they carried on with their conversation.

A moment later, another lady walked into his room. This lady was even more gorgeous than the first one and she too came round and kissed the surgeon, "Thank you so much! You have really made me look 20 years younger. Those face lift and liposuction have certainly worked wonder to my look. How can I ever thank you!"

As the lady left the room, his friend asked again, "Who was that? She sure looks like a supermodel. I am really impressed with your surgery skills now."

The surgeon replied, "Oh, that was just my wife."

They then carried on with their normal conversation. Then suddenly a third lady walked into the room. This lady has a perfect body and the look was so beautiful it was beyond this world. She was even more gorgeous than the first two ladies. She stormed towards the surgeon and gave him a big slap, yelling, "You bastard. Look at what you have done to my body! You have ruined my life!! I hope you will die in hell."

As the lady stormed away, the surgeon's friend turned round to him with a puzzled look. The surgeon shook his head and responded, "Let's not talk about it... that was my father."
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