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Ocean Server Technology Inc.

Postby peter febb » Aug 22, 2009 6:07 pm

This could be the start of something really interesting...like a "total station" for caving. The "nano" compass seems to have the accuracy needed. The size is certainly remarkable and worthy of the underground.

home page: http://www.ocean-server.com/index.html
download specs: http://www.ocean-server.com/compass.html

The three axis compass might already be in some cave related survey gear; does anyone know?--pf
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Re: Ocean Server Technology Inc.

Postby LWB » Aug 23, 2009 9:11 pm

It uses the same Honeywell magnetic (magneto-resistive) sensors as the DUSI and the Shetland Attack Pony. I didn't try to compare the accelerometers (the Disto X and the DUSI have the same accelerometers, and at least the older Ponys have a slightly less accurate accelerometers).

The Disto X uses the magneto-inductive PNI magnetometers. They are lower power, but the accuracy seems to be the same.

Of course the accuracy of the end product is still dependent on the calibration and the calibration algorithm.

If you want to build your own electronic compass/clinometer you can buy the Ocean Server Modules (or the parts to make your own). But if you really want to write all that code, you could buy the open source DUSI or the open source Pony and rewrite the code as you desire. And it would save you a bunch of programming using the existing code.

The DUSI, Disto X and Shetland Attack Pony all have 3-axis magnetometers and 3-axis accelerometers. None of them use the Ocean Server module - too expensive - if you have to do a circuit board for all the other needed components it is easier to put the magnetometers and accelerometers on your board too - they are pretty small.
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