The NSS Needs Your Help

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The NSS Needs Your Help

Postby CaverScott » Feb 7, 2007 9:59 pm

The Speleo Digest is the one of the most popular books the NSS publishes, and certainly the most unusual. You've probably got at least one on your bookshelf. (If you don’t, then why not?) The Speleo Digest showcases the best in caving articles, artwork, humor, prose and cartoons from an entire year's worth of grotto newsletters. This is by far the best way for you to keep up with developments in caving around the nation and even the globe.

But.....we've come to a standstill. No editors. :shock:

I'm looking for editors for future Speleo Digest issues. Yes, it is a bunch of work, and producing an issue will occupy your time for many months -- BUT it is a fun and interesting project (I know -- I've worked on or edited at least five issues) and not to mention you will get in touch with a lot of cavers around the country, and your name will be on the inside cover of a book. :kewl: Naturally, you could do it yourself, but it would make a great grotto project with three or four dedicated members helping you out.

Each Editor is responsible for selecting articles and other items to be included in the Speleo Digest, gathering the articles, graphics, photos, and what not, and producing the books final manuscript. The Series Editor is there to help and guide you as well as overseeing publishing of the book once the manuscript has been completed. Of course you may delegate tasks to a committee of assistants.

Interested? Got the time, a computer, and an aptitude for desktop publishing? Willing to round up and lead a production team utilizing some of your caver buddies? Please contact me! Scott Fee scottfee at bellsouth dot net

Don’t let the 2003 issue be the last Speleo Digest ever. We need your help! :patriotic2:

Permission is given to repost this anywhere. Please help get the word out!
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