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Postby Evan G » Jul 24, 2006 10:12 pm


As we know, the Lord created the earth in 7 days, and was nice enough to squeeze in the creation of man in that right tight schedule. But every so often, so-called scientists like to muddy the waters of creation with another new discovery. Fortunately, this time, the blasphemy is so tiny it's cute!

Scientists in Indonesia have found evidence that there was once a race of three-foot-tall humans. Scientists have many questions about this race of dwarfs, not the least of which is: if everyone was a dwarf, then how did they know when they were having a dream sequence?

The species is thought to have been isolated in a remote part of the world while Homo sapiens populated the rest of the planet. Though geography is a factor, scientists also suggest that the tiny humans may have been snubbed merely because modern man preferred girls who "have a little something to hold on to."

The new species, known as Homo floresiensis, challenges the traditional wisdom that modern humans alone had dominated the planet after crowding out other bipedal species about 160,000 years ago. That the new species was able to stay in their caves throughout this development raises questions about the complexity of evolution as well as the power of rent control.

Some of the archaeologists have taken to affectionately calling flores man a "hobbit," because science is more easily understood when you can take a groundbreaking and revolutionary discovery and present in terms of an action figure.

Dr. Richard Roberts described the differences in the new bones, saying, "You can see it is half the size of my arm, and everything else was half size on the hobbit, half our height, and until this discovery last year no one had imagined that humans could be that small in the recent past." Upon hearing that from his bar stool in a Los Angeles strip club, Vern Troyer knocked over his can of red bull and socked his publicist.

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Re: Hobbit?

Postby cob » Jul 27, 2006 4:04 pm


As we know, the Lord created the earth in 7 days,


Everybody knows the Lord created the world in 6days!!!

And on the 7th, he said, "It's your problem now." *


* from the Janus-Embrasure, the Holy Book of the Church of God the Almighty and Utterly Indifferent.
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