Karst or mining maps New Glasgow (Thorburn) NS?

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Karst or mining maps New Glasgow (Thorburn) NS?

Postby sunstarangel » Aug 12, 2019 4:43 pm

Does anyone know of any karst or coal mine maps available for the Thorburn (near New Glasgow), Nova Scotia area? I was told there is a big hole underneath my land and upon speaking with two geologists and the curator for the local museum for the coal mines in the area, I realize that any such chasm could be either/or (karst/mines).

Karst sinkhole depressions were drawn (by a geologist) on a map for me behind my house, and my neighbor to the north has a sinkhole-looking area that was a 1,000' deep mine opening but is now filled with water. Mines and karst riddle the area.

So all of this has been confirmed for being very close to my house, but how does one go about finding out which it is? Maybe I'll never know, but my search continues.

Any help or pointers to more info would be greatly appreciated!
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