J2 - Mexico 2013. A Trip Report

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J2 - Mexico 2013. A Trip Report

Postby Cheryl Jones » Jun 2, 2013 8:24 pm

J2 - Mexico 2013.
by Nicholaus Vieira

I began caving with very few books available to read on the subject, four to be exact. The first two were stories that involved Bill Stone, the third was Caves of the Canadian Rockies, and the fourth was the Rats Nest book (Under Grotto Mountain by Chas Yonge). Bill had a bit of a reputation that I have heard about on an expedition or two, as well as through other cavers etc. I figured I should try to cave with him or on one of his expeditions one day, I might be able to learn something after all or just be highly entertained.

J2 was found by Polish cavers during a recci trip in 2004 on one of the many United States Deep Caving Team (USDCT) expeditions to the area. It was quickly discovered that the cave was likely going to go deep. Left going the USDCT came back to explore it in 2005, finding a sump at -633m. Dive equipment was brought in from the US and Al Warild successfully passed Sump 1. During the next week while a team explored further down J2, others began work on a boulder dam below sump 1 and was successful in lowering the sump 5m turning it into a swim. The cave was left again this time at -1000m with borehole out in front.

Read on!

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Re: J2 - Mexico 2013. A Trip Report

Postby BryantG » Jun 3, 2013 2:07 pm

Thanks for the post on J2. Always love reading about the expeditions to that system.

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