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Re: Cave Suit Recommendation

Postby Extremeophile » Feb 9, 2013 9:37 am

Jeff Bartlett wrote:
Extremeophile wrote:I'm less impressed ... 3.5 hours per trip is hardly enough time to get out of the entrance zone. You must be bouncing a bunch of pits, and I'm not sure that each yo of a yo-yo counts as another cave trip. I don't see a bunch of survey getting done in those 3.5 hour trips.

Ha! I was WAITING for someone to call me out on what has essentially been 2 solid years of "Holy crap, I live in TAG now, let's just run through 400+ ft deep caves all the time." I used to manage 400 hours a year, now I'm racking up 4-hour trips. Go figure.

In fairness, SuperDerek, I did exclude two weeklong Lechuguilla expeditions from that figure, since we're trying to determine coverall longevity here. And, since I live about 10 minutes from several major caves, I've managed about a dozen weeknight survey trips in that time period at 2-3 hours a clip. I didn't realize cave survey only counts when you're pulling an all-nighter; I didn't realize it's only caving if it's horrible. I must just be a pit-bopper, then.

But, seriously, why are we talking about this? I'm trying to help this dude shop for coveralls, and suddenly we're dissecting whether I'm surveying awful stream passages two dozen weekends a year (like 2008-2009) or whistle-dicking my way to the bottom of two dozen deep caves a year (like 2011-2012). WHOOOOOO CAAAAAAAAAARES

Fair enough. I was just worried about you man. Those stats concerned me. You are showing a trend of going more frequently and not lasting as long. I thought maybe there was some deeper psychological or medical problem. I see now you're just adapting to a new environment.
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Re: Cave Suit Recommendation

Postby Caver John » Feb 11, 2013 10:02 am

I love my Landjoff suit! Internal suspenders are a great feature. Fits me perfectly. And the fabric is very waterproof
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Re: Cave Suit Recommendation

Postby LukeM » Feb 11, 2013 10:46 am

Caver John wrote:I love my Landjoff suit! Internal suspenders are a great feature. Fits me perfectly. And the fabric is very waterproof

I find that with the suspenders I can either have them tight enough that the crotch rides uncomfortably high, or loosen them some and have them keep slipping off my shoulders when I contort through passages.
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Re: Cave Suit Recommendation

Postby Scott McCrea » Feb 11, 2013 10:54 am


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Re: Cave Suit Recommendation

Postby elithecavedog » Feb 15, 2013 5:20 pm

In southeastern caves where the temperatures are often over 60 degrees, all a lot of cave suits accomplishes is excess sweat. In cases where you may be moving very slow such as a cave survey, or if you are very cold-n
atured, cave specific suits may have a role, Also, if you cave in more northerly climes, or in all water caves, the various caver designed suits can be very useful. but for ordinary southern caving I recommend a traditional coverall with a high polyester content, or blue jeans and jacket. Over the years I have got up to 5 years of wear from such before a desire not to offend other cavers caused me to get new attire.
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