3-D Caving Thriller by James Cameron!

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Re: 3-D Caving Thriller by James Cameron!

Postby Cheryl Jones » Jan 23, 2013 1:03 pm

I enjoyed the film myself. Half of it was exactly as cave diving is, half of it was completely preposterous.

Well, yeah,it's Hollywood! It's only supposed to be entertaining, not authentic.

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Re: 3-D Caving Thriller by James Cameron!

Postby John Lovaas » Jan 23, 2013 1:40 pm

Hi Barbara-

Thanks for the clarification. For some reason, I thought Sanctum was Cameron's film, and that Cameron underwrote another cave diving film that involved Andrew(he's listed as writer). There are too many cave/cave diving movies for me to keep track of. And I haven't seen any of them yet. Just to play devil's advocate, Cameron is listed as an executive producer on Sanctum- and executive producers can have some power over a film; look how Dune turned out ;-)

Of course, as a former competitive cyclist/fat old cyclist, I'm still annoyed by the truck drafting scene in Breaking Away- and I haven't seen it in decades. DIfficulty in suspending disbelief.

Maybe this weekend.
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