Fontanelle underground Cemetery

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Fontanelle underground Cemetery

Postby NeandertalMan » Apr 23, 2006 6:16 am


The endless announcement of the 'almost' opening of the Fontanelle underground Cemetery

We again learn from the local press, the same old story, that the official re-opening date for the Fontanelle Underground Cemetery seems to be sliding back again. We have been told that the restoration is complete, but there may be a further delay in the long awaited opening for a final cleaning and the re-placement of the thousands of skulls and bones that line the walls and crevices of the historic funerary cavities and tunnels.
Considering the ancient, and to some, goulish appearance of this early remnant of early Neapolitan cult worship, it is hard to understand what is meant by "not ready yet."
To add to the delay is a bureaucratic squabble with the city Superintendent in charge of the project about proper public restroom facilities and a new ticket office.
Again, however, this is not an official notice and hopefully just another delay which finally signals the imminent opening of this mysterious piece of Naples history.
We recall that the last official estimate of the opening was to be during the citywide "Monuments in May" celebration, May 5 - 7.
Meanwhile, you may take a virtual tour by visiting looking through our photographs of the Fontanelle Cemetery.

For more news and fascinating information, visit Napoli Underground

Translation - Larry Ray
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