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Caving on this week's Science Friday

PostPosted: Nov 21, 2017 11:00 pm
by Mattboy
Explore. Study. Protect.

Want to skip this week's "black Friday" for something that matters? Try Science Friday!

This week, the nationally-broadcast radio show, Science Friday, will include an interview with NSS caver Dr. Jason Polk at Western Kentucky University's Crumps Cave research preserve. Be sure to tune in as Dr. Polk guides the Science Friday production team through the cave to talk about current trends in speleology. The interview includes discussions on cave formation processes, groundwater quality and paleoclimate reconstructions from cave deposits.

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist, Ira Flatow, Science Friday has a monthly listening audience of about 3 million and is one of the top podcast downloads on iTunes. The show airs weekly on nearly 400 public radio stations throughout the United States.

The segment with Dr. Polk will air in the second hour of this week's broadcast with additional material posted online. The show airs live from 2PM-4PM (Eastern Time), but check your local NPR listings to confirm.