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Great Falls, Montana has an interesting approach

PostPosted: Oct 19, 2016 10:24 pm
by Ernie Coffman ... fl1Is8iQGQ

This link will take you to an interesting approach in getting new cavers into the fold; working on getting rid of trash in caves; and, cleaning the walls of grafitti. The cave in the story, which is well written, is probably the state's largest wild cave and has a lot of Air Force people involved--some good :banana_yay: and some not :yikes: so hopefully the grottoes approach will bring on more understanding folks.

Re: Great Falls, Montana has an interesting approach

PostPosted: Oct 20, 2016 8:50 am
by gindling
While Lick Creek Cave has the largest room in the state it is not the largest wild cave in Montana. But it is the most visited, and not only by people! Recent footage from the game cameras has shown mountain lions using the trail around the entrance, meow!

Cave Camp 2016, which was after the clean-up, was a huge success with around twenty different classes ranging from surveying to rebelays, to GIS and geology. 100 people of all experiences came and since it was a caving event it rained all weekend but that didn't hamper our fun! One of the highlights was Carl Froslie climbing rope while being hosed down in order to light the olympic torch for the opening ceremony. Thanks everyone who made it the best caving event in Montana history!

Here is a short TV spot about the cave camp featuring junior cave explorer Max Maxell. ... -cave-2016