Secret to a Cavefish’s Weird, Waddling Walk

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Secret to a Cavefish’s Weird, Waddling Walk

Postby Squirrel Girl » Mar 24, 2016 10:42 am

My buddy, Daphne, went on this trip because I invited her to join me on a cave diving trip. My part of the trip didn't pan out (yet), but here's what she came up with! ... alamander/

"WHEN DAPHNE SOARES got back from a trip to Thailand last year, she had something she just had to share with her hallmate at work. “Check out this cool fish I saw!” she said, pulling up a video. Brooke Flammang had never seen anything like the cave fish in Soares’ footage. It was pink. It was eyeless. It had huge fins that looked like two pairs of wings. And it was walking.
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