Weaver, AL mayor is interested in purchasing Weaver Cave

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Re: Weaver, AL mayor is interested in purchasing Weaver Cave

Postby danegarreau » Apr 30, 2015 10:40 am

Any news on this?
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Re: Weaver, AL mayor is interested in purchasing Weaver Cave

Postby DawgsgoCaving » Apr 30, 2015 11:31 am

I bet nothing happens. The cave isn't worth over 300K. There were and still are a few gems for sale in NE AL recently for much less. I'm not a part of the inner workings of the Conservancy, but if I was I would probably be examining the following:

The current condition of the cave: Damaged
The relationship with its landowner: Sensitive, Wants to build a camp
The risk profile of current and prospective visitors: Local trespassers, Runaway campers (?)
Amount of time spent restoring the cave: Several cleaning and restoration weekends
Current state of the bat population: Probably not stellar
Effort required in replenishing the bat population: Maybe a lot
Whether those efforts would hinder responsible visitation and, ultimately, support for spending $300K on Weaver's: Quite possibly

This is all hypothetical, but these are a few relevant questions that go into buying the cave. If the mayor wants to buy it and deal with whatever variables come with the deal, I think that is awesome. I doubt the SCCi would pursue it.
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