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Jan trip - looking for partners / recommendations

PostPosted: Jan 11, 2021 4:09 pm
by cabin_fever
Hi All!

I am a rock climbing and canyoneering guide of SW UT - have over a decade of rope climbing and descending experience (incl. technical tower work, recreational rock climbing and canyoneering, as well as SAR), but almost no experience underground. Am looking for intro cave recommendations, or someone to team up with for one or more trips in the SE.

I will be driving from OH to FL beginning the 15th of Jan, and from FL back to UT beginning about the 20th. I have a great flexibility on specific dates, and only have a hard limit on return day on Jan 28. I'm travelling with descent/ ascent gear, a 100' and 200' rope, a 100' pull-cord, and some personal safety gear. Girlfriend is tagging along, but has much less outside experience - some descending, but it'd be her first time ascending. We're familiar with, and practice solid LNT.

Hit me up here and I will shoot you my email or number.