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Glacier Cave Explorer updates

PostPosted: Mar 6, 2016 11:41 pm
by Ernie Coffman ... 3#/updates

The link above will take you to the donation page that was set-up for the Glacier Cave Explorers who are a fantastic group of men and women, who are exploring the glaciers in Oregon and the moment, anyway. Maybe they'll take on other areas eventually! There have been several video projects made up on Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier; and, needless to say, they need funds to take on this year's projects. You might have to dink around to find out where to donate to, but they would appreciate every dollar that you can donate AND for some of the donations, you'll be rewarded with various gifts. Some of which are your personal videos, CDs, etc., etc. The fund raising has been in existence for about twenty-days and they've raised a little over $3100, but have a ways to go, so...please help if you can. :kewl:

If you need further info about this project, contact me or give a shout to Brent McGregor, of the Oregon High Desert Grotto (OHDG for short), located in Bend, Oregon. Brent is the main photographer and his pictures and videos are fabulous! :clap: