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TAG recommandation

PostPosted: Dec 23, 2015 9:33 pm
by poppol

I usually doing snowmobile during Christmas/new-year holiday but this year NO snow in my area :sadbanana: ! At this time we should have temperature from 15F to -20F but now we still have around 40-50F ! Snow should come late in December :pray:. I need to change my vacation plan. I would like to take this time to drive to TAG region for the last week of December :driving:.

Last year we have visiting :
Mystery Falls
Tumbling Rock
South Pittsburg (with all passage development)

Do you have recommendation for 4 days caving for 2 peoples ? We can do both horizontal and vertical caving. We can also join a team for one or more trip. I know I’m late. I hope having the chance to receive few advice before December 27 !

Thanks and Happy Holidays :santa: