Eblen Cave, Tennessee-29 July 2012

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Eblen Cave, Tennessee-29 July 2012

Postby angelofwar » Jul 25, 2012 4:42 pm

New here, but going to give this a whirl. Will be posting information (gear, etc, NOT Locations), pics, and thoughts.

Wasn't able to find much info on this cave, so I don't have alot to go on, although I know it's a walk-in cave (I haven't gotten into the rapelling side of the game, merely due to funds, and not will). Anyways, I'm taking some NEWB's with me to hopefully maybe light a spark, and instill an appreciation, and respect, for these natural wonders.


My load-OUT will consist of the following:
-Black Diamond Helemet, modifed with a pictanny rail for attaching my smaller daimeteR SF's to.
-Surefire Saint Minimus
-PT Byte
-PT Just In Case
-Petzyl Saf-Light
-Inova 24/7 (W/ head strap)
-Surefire (SF) L2
-Inova T2
-SF 6PR w/ Turbo-Head and Custin LED Tower
-SF 6PR w/ Malkoff M60F
-SF L1 (latest model)
-SF L1 (5th Gen)
-SF U2
-VIP Signal Light (Amber)
-Inova 24/7
-3ea. Lazer Bright Light Sticks
-2ea. Dedicated Strobe lights
-Glo-Toob (Amber)
-20 Glow Sticks
-Adventrue Medical Kits Trauma Kit
-Various other FAK Items
-LC1 USGI Compass
-Water Purification Straw AND Tablets
-Nalgene 1-Liter wide mouth
-USGI Flight Gloves
-Spare Batteries (Eneloop AA's and SF Lithium 123's)
-2ea FRS Handhelds (w/ wx)
-2ea. HH CB's (Back-up to FRS)
-2ea. Goal Zero Nomad-7/Guide-10 Adventure Kits
-And of course, My camera!!!
-USGI Combat Patrol Pack
-Spec-Ops Pack Rat (i.e. bandoleer)
-Personal Survival kit (in a Pelican 1010 Micro Case)

I know the lights may seem over kill, but I will be taking ~4 newb's with me. Any constructive criticism of my gear selection, or if I'm missing something, please let me know. I'm am TDY, so don't have access to everything, but I have been caving ~15 times (would have gone more if uncle-sam didn't having me go all over the owrld, and putting me in places with NO CAVES for extended period s of time.


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Re: Eblen Cave, Tennessee-29 July 2012

Postby GroundquestMSA » Jul 25, 2012 9:56 pm

So you're providing lights for 5 people? Even if so, that's 16 lights, more than enough. The "three sources of light" dogma is more philosophical than practical, and becomes more so as the group increases in size.

All that gear might be fun to play with, but it could overwhelm new cavers, and much of it really isn't necessary. Unless you're planning a forty seven day trip that includes extensive violent pummeling, you could easily do without a handful of those lights, all of the markers, and all of the "other" excepting the camera, some batteries, and perhaps some first aid. There are some topics on the forum about what first aid equipment folks are carrying.
Of course, you're carrying it, so feel free to lug in whatever you choose. I prefer to travel light.
Enjoy yourselves!
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Re: Eblen Cave, Tennessee-29 July 2012

Postby BenS » Jul 25, 2012 11:48 pm

Ok I just checked and I'm pretty sure you have to have permission to go into Eblen's Cave. This is on the DCG closed cave list "Contact James Lewis of the East Tennessee Grotto at least two weeks in advance for access, 865-483-5880. Please do not try to contact the landowner directly."

Besides that I'm not sure how long the cave is, but I don't think it is very long. You should really cut down on your gear unless you just really want to carry everything and be miserable through any squeeze or climb. I'm not gonna tell you how many lights to bring because everyone has their own opinion. Are your friends going to be wearing headlamps or are they going to be carrying flashlights??? You don't have helmets listed for them. If they aren't going to wear helmets (which they should) they should at least have a headlamp. Caving with a flashlight isn't very safe usually. Besides that here's the list I would go with:

Your BD helmet with 2 lights mounted on it and preferably the same for your friends
However many spare lights you feel like you need in your pack
NO MARKERS (Unless you were planning on a rave... it kinda sounds like it)
small first aid kit
water bottle (if you really feel like you need them bring iodine tablets)
normal cheap gardening gloves (stretchy kind with blue grippy stuff on front)
spare batteries for your lights (considering how many you're bringing you probably won't need them though)
SMALL bag - don't bring something huge. You don't need that much gear and the smaller the better for crawls and climbs
You should probably bring some kind of granola bars or snacks. I usually bring Clif Bars.

Have fun and don't go overboard on gear. I know it's tempting.
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Re: Eblen Cave, Tennessee-29 July 2012

Postby Myrna Attaway » Jul 26, 2012 5:32 pm

In MOHO the most important piece of gear was left out. Expeirenced cavers. Find a local grotto. I prefer to have at least one caver for every four newbees. You just can't keep an eye on everyone. Going caving 15 times doesn't necessarily mean you have the experience to spot potential problems. As evidence of this I would liks to point out your list of handheld lights. I don't personally reguard handheld lights as suitable backup lights. I alwas had my boy scout troups bring three helment mounted lights each, with at least one extra set of batteries for each light. I also recommended that the lights be at leasr water risistant. More lights have been ruined by leaking canteens than by water in the cave. I also have them wear their bycycle helments. They are far better than no helments at all and can be picked up for less than a dollar at most thrift stores.
If i lived in your area i would offer to help out.
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