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2014 NSS Convention C&E section meeting, field trip & K4V

PostPosted: Jul 8, 2014 6:50 pm
by Norm Berg
The Communications and Electronics Session luncheon begins Monday at noon in Room 145 at Lee High School followed by our meeting at 2 PM.

This Session covers all applications of electronics in caving including surveying, photography, wired and wireless communications, lighting, data logging, and radiolocation. Informal talks and demonstrations will follow the formal presentations.
2:00 Sign in and introductions
2:10 Experiments in Thru-the-Earth Text Messaging
2:30 Amateur (Ham) Radio Special Event Station K4V (at the campground)
2:50 Choosing and setting up a tablet computer & a DistoX for paperless cave surveying (no abstract)
3:10 – 3:20 Break
3:30 Informal demonstrations, show & tell, & discussions of cave-related electronics. Open to all.

Forrest Wilson and Brian Pease will talk about the Friday field trip.

The NSS Ham Radio Special Event Station K4V needs operators and guests.
Call on Caver's simplex 147.480 or look for sign.
146.940 pl 100, is a regional open repeater for general ham use.
7.200 or 14.200 sideband for K4V.
Come help out if you can or contact us if you are not at convention.

Sam Rowe, KG9NG NSS 7839
Chair C&E section