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Receive email alerts of new posts

Postby NZcaver » Jan 25, 2014 9:41 am

Would you like to be notified by email when there are new posts in this forum? Here's how:

Click on "Communication and Electronics Section Forum" and you should see a page with a list of topics in this forum. Near the bottom left of the page, you will see a little bar which says "Subscribe forum." Click on this. Done! Now you will automatically receive a Private Message when there are any future posts to this forum. Please note this feature is slightly different to a traditional email group list. Each message you receive is just a notification with a link, and you will need to click the link to bring you to this forum and read the actual post(s).

Once you have subscribed, the bar at the bottom left of the page will change to "Unsubscribe forum." You can discontinue notifications at any time by going back and clicking this (which will cause the bar to toggle back to "Subscribe forum" again). This same procedure works in all forums. Alternatively you can subscribe to individual topics by clicking a topic to view it, then clicking the same bar at the bottom which now says "Subscribe topic." Again, you can discontinue notifications by simply clicking "Unsubscribe topic."

Lastly, check the forum is set to notify you by email (at the address you registered with) when you receive new Private Messages. Go to "User Control Panel" by clicking on the link near the top left of the page. Then click on "Board preferences" in the bar along the top. Confirm "Notify me on new private message" is set to "Yes" (this is the default setting). For added convenience, you can also select the "Pop up window on new private message" option if you wish.
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