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Cave Radiolocation Radio Boards & Kits Available

PostPosted: Jan 23, 2014 1:21 pm
by Radiolocation
I have just acquired a few PC boards for my high-performance Radiolocation receiver and Class-E beacon transmitter. I sell at cost, which is $31.00 plus shipping for a 3-board set with receiver main board, RF amp, and a Class-E beacon board with special toroid and the wire to wind it. I will sell a beacon with toroid and wire for $9.00 plus shipping. See for more details .
Also on my website, I have some simple, lower performance, shorter range, straight-audio radiolocation transceivers that I am offering as complete kits, at cost. You just supply the loop frame and wire. They are the Basic-1 and Basic-2. The underground and surface units are identical (including loops) as each unit is both a beacon and a receiver. This also allows 2-way Morse code communications. They will run all day on a single 9V internal battery. These were intended mainly for education and fun, but recently a basic-2 set was used for a real location in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky!