NSS Safety and Techniques Committee

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NSS Safety and Techniques Committee

Postby wvcaveman » Sep 4, 2010 8:56 am

Hello All,

Welcome to the caving safety and techniques discussion area on Cave Chat. This forum is open to subscribed members of Cave Chat for discussion of hazards in caving, effective training methods, proper use of equipment, equipment reviews, and committee-related activities.

The role of the Safety and Techniques Committee, as directed by the NSS Board of Governors, is described in detail here-> http://caves.org/safety/about.shtml and here-> http://caves.org/nss-business/bog/Table ... ittees.pdf.

Volunteers in the Safety and Techniques Committee have recently been busy updating the STC website and submitting new materials for the benefit of the caving population. Please take a minute to check out the website-> http://caves.org/safety/

Finally, the STC has a group page on Facebook, which can be found by searching "NSS Safety and Techniques Committee."

safe caving,
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