"Dry caving" and "expeditons"

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"Dry caving" and "expeditons"

Postby barcelonacvr » May 4, 2008 6:50 am

http://web.mac.com/acronan/Dive_Frontie ... ina_1.html

I see a website where the creators seem to be serious but I think they have gone beyond their realm and it takes away from the serious tone.

Unfortunately I see a trend lately of Spring divers seeking more "challenging " dive sites and they are entering dry caves to dive without having a clue on basic techniques and ethics.

In this video I see no belays on exposed climbs

Insanity in climbing with double tanks on with no belay or protection

improper cave gear for the most part

the lack of cave in,survey out mentality..Then again I stopped watching becuase I was getting irritated.

Do others see this?

If so,what can be done to educate and prevent?

I am seeing this more and more and it brings many concerns to my mind

I think a lot are accident just waiting to happen

I think the knowledge of caves and conservation is probably low

I am concerned about the massive impetuous for many to get a video on the internet to show everyone what they have done with little thought towards whether certain caves should be broadcast.Not necessarily this webpage.

I also see the watering down of the terminology of an expedition.Not necessarily this video but I see so many calling a simple weekend dive somewhere an expedition.

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Re: "Dry caving" and "expeditons"

Postby Squirrel Girl » May 4, 2008 1:35 pm

They're "Doing it Right." I think that sums it up.

I was pretty impressed by the spike anchor and the laid hemp rope. But they put their own kernmantle rope on the spike, so it's OK. Can I get one of those nifty high-tec cable ladders?
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