240m/784ffw exploration in Sra Keow cave, Thailand.

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240m/784ffw exploration in Sra Keow cave, Thailand.

Postby cedricverdier » Feb 19, 2007 2:58 am

The Asian cave Diving Club finally reached the bottom of Sra Keow cave in Thailand. Sra Keow Cave is located near Krabi, Thailand. It's the third of a serie of expeditions organized by the Asian Cave Diving Club in order to explore what is for now on the deepest flooded cave in South-East Asia.

Thanks to an impressive logistics and several set-up dives, the team reached a maximum depth of 240m/784ffw (measured with a calibrated Liquivision F1 depth gauge) during a 10-hour dive conducted on the 18th of february 2007. During this dive, the deep divers safely explored and surveyed the deepest part of the cave. They used open circuit scuba and Closed-Circuit Rebreather, to a dive that might be the deepest mixed-team dive ever.
Decompression was calculated with V-Planner software and was partly done in a very comfortable habitat under the direct supervision of a medical team.

For this expedition, the Team was made of:

Deep divers:
Ben Reymenants (Mixed-Gas Open Circuit)
Cedric Verdier (Mixed-gas ISC Megalodon CCR)

Support divers:
Maurizio Carmine (Mixed-Gas Open circuit)
Laurent Bihler (Mixed-Gas ISC Megalodon CCR)

Surface support:
Eefje Pattyn (Dive Supervisor/DMT and Support Diver)
Supee Klipngern (Logistics)
Lek Fukjeen (Translator and surface photographer)

Medical staff
Dr Luba Matic (Hyperbaric Physician)
Marina Frei (DMT and Support diver)

Special thanks to Mike Gadd who participated in the beginning of the expedition and was a key member of the team.

Logistics by One Stop Dive Shop, Deep Blue Divers, Ocean Zone Divers, Igor's Dive Center and Protec Divers. A very special thanks to Dave and Glyn from One Stop Shop in Krabi, Dive Supply, Sea Fun Divers, Liquivision and their great F1 depth gauges.
Weezle, DUI, Ralph Tech and O'Three kept the divers warm and SSP, Aunoc and Green Force provided them with efficient lights at depth.
Thanks to ISC, DIRrebreather and Golem Gear for the rebreathers and accessories.

For more information:
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Postby Brian » Feb 24, 2007 11:43 pm

quite an accomplishment,
nice pics on the web page too.
I know there's lot of great looking karst towers there and I imagine miles of underwater passage that has yet to be explored
sounds like we are going to be hearing a lot more from this team and more interseting finds coming from Thailand

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