Will Wal Mart destroy an NSS Owned Cave???

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Postby Stridergdm » Mar 3, 2007 4:01 pm

wendy wrote:
Actually they seem pretty excited about it now. It was a real fight for a while. We had so much science and videos behind us thanks to Karst Environmental and my friends (who busted their butts getting data, video and maps for us) that they really couldn't win without some sort of agreement. Now they hired the attorney who sued Tallahassee over the spray fields that were polluting Wakulla and have completely changed their attitude toward the environmental groups in the area. The new Walmart will have drive in garden center with displays on how to make your yard environmentally safe and a display about the cave system. They are collecting roof water to irrigate plants, skimming water before it goes into the retention ponds and a lot of other really new things. They are also paying for part of the cave study that is being funded by the County. If you really want to speed things along now the elections are over a nice thank you letter to the county for their intervention would help. The goal now is to make this the gold standard for development in the area.

Sounds like things are working out pretty well.

I'm not a big fan of Wal*mart for a number of reasons, but within the last year or so they do seem to have found "green" in a number of ways. And from what I can tell, while some of it appears to be lip service, some of it appears to be a solid commitment to getting better. Sounds like they may have seen the light here and realized they can get what the want and still protect the karst. Sounds like a win/win all-around.
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