New Bauer Compressors Wanted

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New Bauer Compressors Wanted

Postby rchrds » Mar 25, 2014 10:56 am

Diving friends- I am in need of some help. The time has come to purchase new compressors. (More than one.) My two at home have finally died, after more than 20 years out of each one to various owners, and I am ready to buy new ones. Since I (and others) have had such good luck with them, I am going to stick with Bauer Compressors. I am hoping that someone here will have a recommendation for a good dealer, someone who might be able to do a little better than retail, or you know, the usual. (Cheap ass cave divers.) If you know someone who might be able to help, or one of you secretly sells Bauer and I didn't know, please let me know, or pass this along to them. The two models I am currently looking for are these: Oceanus-1E1, and a Dive Mate DMT08-E1, with some of the factory accessories. Thanks all for your help.

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