2nd international cave diving congress

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2nd international cave diving congress

Postby zenas » Apr 26, 2006 2:10 pm

2nd international cave diving congress

Description: The congress was conceived to gather divers from the 7th continent to share experiences and know-how. Since the time of the 1st congress in Bourg-Saint-Andιol, the number of participants has climbed to over 200. Speakers of quality and participants have come from all over Europe (Germany, England, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Holland, Italy, Switzerland). Exhibitors have taken advantage of the opportunity to present their innovations and also profit from direct contact with their customers: Airtess, Segytek, Procean, Diveriteexpress, Ursuit, Duikvak, Divingequipement, Segytek. This second congress is bigger and better, benefitting from the success of last year's congress, in big part due to its cohesive, dynamic team of organizers. It takes place in Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans (Drome), close to the cave of Thais.

The theme of this year's congress is the history of cave diving, from of beginnings of single tank diving with clamps, to deep water recycled air diving, to blended gas diving. Cave divers were the first to introduce blended gases in diving and they were also among the first to use deepwater diving with recycled air. Let's not forget that in the 1970's, we regularly dived on levels from -60 to -70 meters. Today, we're descending to -250 meters. We decided to change this year's location in order to be able to welcome more participants than last year; word of mouth spread news about the congress, and it has come to have a very good reputation. The facility in which the congress will be held affords us to hold a quality event and to accommodate a large audience. We are organizing several conferences, holding slideshows, photo expositions and film projections, and are arranging a swap-meet. The complex is right next to a lake, in which material testings and techniques will take place.

The cave will be open so that you can dive in this splendid site which is Thais: The underwater tunnels of this cave are extremely wide and have been explored and enjoyed since 1957. Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of underwater exploration in 2007. The celebration will be rich in adventure, discovery and will marvelously show how far along the technology in this domaine has come and how it continues to make young and old alike dream big.

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