Steve Logan (NSS 3887)

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Steve Logan (NSS 3887)

Postby Cheryl Jones » Jun 17, 2009 10:44 pm

NSS 3887
PSC 55

October 26, 1932 - May 2, 2009

Stevan Logan passed from this life May 2, 2009. He was born in Alexandria, VA, and started caving during the late 1950's when he and his close friend Stan Carts were attending Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Steve and Stan were pretty inseparable in their early caving years, and when the vertical stuff attracted them they turned to their friend Bill Cuddington for learning the techniques that were being developed. For their first "vertical" trip they hauled a big chunk of manila rope to get into the pit. Unfortunately they had not given a lot of thought as to how they would make their exit. They ended up cutting off the bottom of the manila, unwinding pieces of the rope and braiding them back together again to make what they thought Bill had described as prussiks. Most unfortunately, they got the size a wee bit short, but the blamed things worked if they hunched over. Steve headed out first, but Stan figured Steve was just taking too bleeping long. Steve got to a ledge, told Stan he'd throw the "prussiks" down to him and wait until Stan got to the top, at which time he'd go up the rest of the way. What he didn't immediately realize is that there was a water drip going right down his neck. When Stan got to the ledge he asked Steve if he was okay. Steve, getting colder by the minute, said he was fine and Stan should throw the "prussiks" back to him as soon as he could. Steve, with frigid hands, managed to catch the things and use them well enough to get out of the cave. One wonders why the two remained friends through the years despite the antics they went through, but they did.

Caving and cavers were extremely important to Steve and he leaves many friends from his more than 50 years with the Potomac Speleological Club, Arlington, VA, and the National Speleological Society (NSS), Huntsville, AL.

Steve leaves many caring friends of Bill and Lois W. who helped him learn how to achieve recovery and then to maintain that joyous and free way of life.

Steve suffered many years from COPD, and about a year and a half ago learned he had lung cancer. The cancer was caught early. Between radiation treatment and successful chemotherapy he lived out his life with amazingly limited problems from these diseases. He loved the quiet and peace he found in the woods around his home. He passed peacefully in his sleep.

Steve is survived by his wife of 40 years, Caroline Logan (NSS 5441, PSC 71); his son, Steven Luke (NSS 17295, PSC 341) and his wife Patti Fredericks (NSS 32279, PSC 531), and their daughter Sierra Luke; brothers Gary and wife Janice Logan of Mountain Home, ID, and Eric Logan (former PSC member), of Alexandria, VA; and his brother-in-law Edward Walters, of San Mateo, FL (former NSS member).

It was Steve's wish to be cremated without a formal funeral. A Celebration of Life will be held September 3, 2009, at the cavers' 60th Old Timers Reunion at Dailey, WV. If anyone wishes to remember Steve in a tangible way, please consider making a donation to the NSS, 2813 Cave Ave., Huntsville, AL 35810-4431; or to the American Cancer Society.
--Carol Logan
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