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Grotto Gear

Postby Scott McCrea » Mar 7, 2009 11:10 am

What are your plans for Grotto/group gear? My grotto has helmets and lights that we loan out to new cavers, scouts, etc. We know where they are taking them, but we don't know if they are being contaminated by other gear or vehicles. We can clean/decon them when the come back, but who wants to do that? We can just stop loaning them out. But, that would miss out of an opportunity to educate people about caves and how WNS is spreading and affecting bats. So, we decided that we are going to limit the use of grotto gear to one cave (Worley/Morrell Cave in TN). This highly visited cave already sees 90 percent of the grotto gear use anyway. We will require group and borrowers to endure short lecture about WNS and return the gear as clean as possible.

Anyone else have plans for group gear?
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Re: Grotto Gear

Postby PYoungbaer » Mar 7, 2009 11:39 am

Good point. Don't forget the rescue cache.

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