5mm Tech Cord vs 5.5mm Titan Cord (footloop)

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5mm Tech Cord vs 5.5mm Titan Cord (footloop)

Postby Jeff Bartlett » Jul 16, 2012 8:55 am

My existing footloop is made from New England Ropes 5mm "Tech cord," which is a Technora core and polyester sheath.
I'm retying my footloop, but all I have at the house is Bluewater 5.5mm "Titan cord," which is a Dyneema core and nylon sheath.

Since a footloop isn't a load-bearing application, and these are both essentially zero-stretch cords, I know I'm splitting hairs... but do folks have a preference? The only complaints I have about the Tech cord are a relatively-stiff hand when compared to regular accessory cord (or even the length of 5mm pure Spectra cord I used to have), and the fact that you can't melt the stuff with a hot knife.
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Re: 5mm Tech Cord vs 5.5mm Titan Cord (footloop)

Postby Scott McCrea » Jul 16, 2012 9:28 am

Essentially the same thing. I haven't noticed enough (or any) difference in my footloops or lanyard.

Stiffness of this type of cord or is largely determined by how tight the sheath is woven. Tight sheath = stiff and more abrasion resistant. Loose sheath = more flexible and less durable. Plan accordingly.

Here's what I do. Tie the footloop (with a bowline w/yosemite tie-off) with the stiff cord leaving a 1" tail. Pull back the sheath on the tail and cut off 1/2" of the core. Put it on the edge of a surface and cut with a razor knife. Pull the sheath back out, so you have 1/2" of sheath with no core. Melt the hollow sheath to form a mushroom shaped blob on the end of the tail giving you another thing that might prevent the tail from getting sucked back into the knot. Then, measuring twice and cutting once, cut the cord to desired lenght, including enough to tie your knot of choice. Now, slide the sheath back again and play with the cord to get the desired hand. Then, pinch where you want the knot to start and stretch the sheath back out tight and tie the knot in the tight cord. Do the same with the tail.

This will give you a stiff loop with a flexible middle and short tails. Not sure if it is better to tie the knots in the stiff or flexible mode. Good luck. Report back with your analysis.
Scott McCrea
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Re: 5mm Tech Cord vs 5.5mm Titan Cord (footloop)

Postby PeterFJohnson » Jul 18, 2012 4:24 pm

Titan cord also has a pretty stiff hand but I liked it when I used it as a foot loop.

I mostly use dynemma climbing slings cut and retied into a foot loop now. I find they are wider and more comfortable to stand up in than 5mm cord. Plus you can find them in REI etc.
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Re: 5mm Tech Cord vs 5.5mm Titan Cord (footloop)

Postby davantalus » Oct 8, 2012 3:58 am

I used TitanCord as footloops for a few months until the sheath blew up. I liked that it was small, static, somewhat firm, but it didn't seem to last very long compared to webbing or thicker cord.
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