Croll rub!

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Croll rub!

Postby dutchcontractor » Sep 17, 2011 7:22 pm

I am sure this has been asked before but I cant seem to find it on the board.

So I am getting into some into some serious rope walking and my issue is that the Croll on my right foot wants to rub a hole in my leg! I have read suggestions of using a knee pad and a buddy suggested using a shin guard.
What do you guys use? Or is there a way to avoid the rub all together?

I should mention I am using the Onrope bungee ropewalker setup.
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Re: Croll rub!

Postby Chads93GT » Sep 17, 2011 7:34 pm

Thick socks do the trick, so does an old leg off of a wetsuit. I know the rub you speak of, its brutal, will burn you like a 3rd degree burn will. I have tried to alter my foot step and I have found no way to avoid the horrendous rubbing other than protecting the leg with a wrap of some kind.
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Re: Croll rub!

Postby gdstorrick » Sep 18, 2011 1:35 am

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Re: Croll rub!

Postby Carl Amundson » Sep 18, 2011 7:05 pm

I wear one of those cheap cloth slip-on elbow pads on my right ankle.
It does a great job of keeping the Croll from hitting my leg,
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Re: Croll rub!

Postby Patrick Wilson » Sep 18, 2011 7:33 pm

I have a slight scar on my right leg from my croll rubbing a couple of months ago. Interestingly enough, I never experienced it until this one trip in particular. I since adjusted my chest plate strap (I have the exact same setup from OR1) and that seemed to alleviate the problem, as though I didn't have it positioned correctly and my body was climbing in a different shape, causing the croll to brush my leg with each step. On the other hand, I could be completely wrong, and I'm just thinking that solved it when in fact I changed something about my technique. Only time (and paying a little more attention to what's going on down there the next few times I climb) will tell, I suppose.
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Re: Croll rub!

Postby Marduke » Sep 18, 2011 9:24 pm

"gravel guards" They are neoprene Velcro wraps that effectively protect the leg.

They are meant to keep gravel out of the top of wading boots/shoes.
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Re: Croll rub!

Postby mgmills » Sep 19, 2011 6:46 pm

I used to have the problem of the rub on the ankle with rope walking. I tried different adjustments to solve the problem but finally just used a volleyball knee pad to prevent the rub. :clap: Once I switched to "frogging" it solved the problem forever. :rofl:
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Re: Croll rub!

Postby DeanWiseman » Sep 19, 2011 8:03 pm

mgmills wrote:I used to have the problem of the rub on the ankle with rope walking. I tried different adjustments to solve the problem but finally just used a volleyball knee pad to prevent the rub.

Early on in my ropewalking days, I used to get a croll-shaped bruise on the inside of my leg. It look like someone had spray-painted a croll silhouette on my calf. :laughing:

Solved the problem by switching to CMI ascenders, and lengthening the leg strap to where it was just above my knee. FYI, I use a Mitchell now, so the other ascender is above my head, and not an issue. And I'm not sure one could devise a bungee tight enough on a true ropewalker to compensate for the shorter length. Oh well... :shrug:

Glad you solved it, though, Martha! :grin:

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