Remote International Srt-Contest

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Remote International Srt-Contest

Postby Konsta » Apr 15, 2011 4:05 am

Greetings from Ukraine. Sorry for being late with this announcement, but maybe some one will have last-minute interest.

Dear cavers!

I’m glad to inform you that Second Internetional Extramural Contest
Tournament conducted by Ukrainian Speleological Association
( is going to take place on April 16 – 17.
And everyone is invited to participate. Last year most competitors
were either from Russia or from Ukraine, but this time we are trying
to spread the idea widely and we hope to see more participants from
other countries as well. As the event (being “extramural”) is
completely based on your honesty :), it’s rather a fun way of
training, a chance to compare your achievements with other people,
share experience, etc.

Just to avoid any possible cross-cultural misunderstanding, I’ll give
a brief idea what the contest is. Although, I think you know what it
is, because it’s very common exercise in general SRT training. So
basically the contest is a training installation, where a rope is
running at first up through a pulley, anchored high enough, and then
down and aside through a belay/rappel device (we use micro-racks,
actually), which is also anchored to the point below at a convenient
height. Then one person ascends the rope (using standard SRT gear)
while other is paying a rope out through a micro-rack and pulley so
the ascending person remains at the same place above the floor. It
allows ascending significant vertical distances in quite tiny space
(for instance, in a gym, on a tree in your yard or even in apartments
if the ceiling is high enough :) I’m sorry if I’m explaining somewhat
obvious things, I just want to be sure in case if there is any term
difference or something.


Everyone is invited (as I’ve already mentioned)
The tournament begins on April 16, 2011 at 9AM your local time
Deadline for results submissions: 00:00 April 18, 2011
In order to submit your results you have to register and get access
key and further technical details (results are submitted via Internet)
To register please email to Yuri Kasyan kasyan_yura at and
specify the following:

1) Your first and last name

2) Your age

3) Your city and country

4) First and last name of your referee (this is actually a person
who will help you measuring your time and simultaneously a witness of
your achievement)

Result groups are differentiated by age (0-5, 6-10, 11-12, 13-16,
17-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+) and gender.
Results will be published in dedicated topic of Ukrainian
Speleological Association forum so the winners will get all the glory
and respect :)
Contest distance is 30 meters. It’s recommended to use new static 10mm
rope 50 meters long, previously soaked in water and dried out.
A rope should be marked up each 10 meters with contrast marks (paint,
just don’t use anything aggressive which can damage a rope). It makes
sense to skip 5 meters or so from the end of the rope before making
first (start) mark
Upper pulley should be attached to reliable anchor point at least 4
meters above the ground
It is recommended to use second pulley below for taking out free rope
(you may need one more assistant anyways for taking out the rope
below, otherwise lower rope clamp may not go up easy)
We use micro-rack as a breaking device in this system. But actually
any belay/rappel device which does not twist the rope should be ok for
the purpose
The contest is held in just one ascending style (“frog” aka “ded”)
because other styles are so uncommon here... I hope this almost only
restriction will not affect the amount of participants very much.
Before start the upper (leading) rope clamp of competitor is set right
below the first distance mark. Finish occurs when upper (leading)
clamp passes by the last mark (30 meters).
Time is counted by two stopwatches simultaneously. Result should be
submitted as average taken from 2 stopwatches (including hundredth
parts of seconds).
All other personal gear is up to you. Those who don’t wear a helmet
and headlamp will not be disqualified :) However safety foundations
are better not to be ignored.
We will be very grateful if you could take a video of your attempts
and upload the one best to sharing it with other
participants. This is not hard nowadays and it makes the tournament
much more real and fun.
It’s recommended to name your video in a format
Links to your videos should be sent to ku6ep at (please
include result time and participant information in this email too).
The links will be published together with the results at Ukrainian
Speleological Association site.

Wow, finally that’s all. Looks a bit complicated. But it’s not that
difficult to take part indeed so we will be happy to see more people
from any region submitting their results.

Feel free to email me (iamcaver at or Yuri Kasyan kasyan_yura at with any questions.
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