Using pictures that aren't yours....

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Re: Using pictures that aren't yours....

Postby NZcaver » Apr 18, 2011 6:00 pm

Interesting video. Imagine how much money he would have made (or could still make) by enforcing his copyrights.

The ensuing discussion just makes me even happier that I post virtually none of my photos directly on Facebook (or Flickr). I used to have some on Photobucket, but one time I searched and found a fairly mundane wildlife photo of mine (a Muskox) embedded in some cheap advertising site along with my user name. I contacted them with a polite cease-and-desist request, and they complied.
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Re: Using pictures that aren't yours....

Postby self-deleted_user » Apr 18, 2011 6:33 pm

But if no one sees them, then no one can enjoy them. I don't want to be that extreme either.

I have a lot of space on my website. I think there is a photo album plug in I can add, which might mean I'd get another domain (I can run more than one from my same host package) and put up my photography and artwork there. But really, if people would just follow the law there wouldn't be trouble.

I recently ran into a bit of an article on rabbit coat color genetics I wrote and have CC on clearly, but it was copy/pasted to wikipedia in the domestic rabbits genetics section! Erm...that is not ok, wiki is more open than my CC so someone taking, copying, and pasting, and NOT CITING either! made me pretty PO'd.

grah. Really it doesn't matter what you do. If it is out there, people will be like that. I like sharing my work with friends and other photographers and such enough that I don't want to not put it out there, I just want people to realize that photos, just like text, need to be cited or sometimes can't be used at all without permission!
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