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Love comes home to roost in the bat cave

PostPosted: Jul 11, 2007 8:20 am
by Wayne Harrison
For seven years after leaving his West home, daredevil bat Dean hung around upside-down and alone with no one to talk to or cuddle up to at night.

All the other bats living in his mine were a different species, and couldn't understand his call or the lonely life of being such a rarity - the world's most northerly Greater Horseshoe bat.

But now he has found love at last, in the shape of an adventurous young girlfriend, Cinders, who flew 110 miles from Gloucestershire to Wales and is now his soulmate.

Like Dean, Cinders made the long journey from the bats' home colony in Littledean Hall, in the Forest of Dean.

Once in the Conwy Valley, in North Wales, Cinders somehow heard and recognised Dean's high pitched sonar call from the lonely mine he shared with a colony of much smaller and more common Lesser Horseshoe Bats.

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