Weaver Cave, AL bats

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Weaver Cave, AL bats

Postby trogman » Jul 28, 2013 4:00 pm

I was posting some discussion about this in another thread, and then decided it really needed to be in the "Everything Bats" section.
On Friday a group of us went to Weaver Cave, a local sacrificial cave near Anniston, AL. In the area know as Ladies Cave, we came upon a large group of bats roosting, and unfortunately they were very unhappy with our presence. We exited, and then came back a few hours later to try and shoot some video. The main group had apparently moved to another part of the cave, however we did shoot some video of a few bats.

Then yesterday evening, my wife and son and I shot some video at one of the entrances. There were some bats exiting, but I don't believe there was near as many as we saw in the cave the day before. I am not sure how to capture good video of them- they seem to be spooked by the light, yet I can't shoot good video without a bright light. I ended up placing my light right over the entrance, and turned it to the lower setting.

Also wondering if any of our resident bat experts can give an ID on the species. I am guessing they are grey bats, since from what I read, they are the only ones that roost in caves in the south in the summertime. Other than that, without a good closeup look at one, I'm not sure how to tell. Their main roosting place is about 15-20' up off the floor in a large room called the ballroom. I would guess they covered about 2 square feet of ceiling, if not more.

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