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student exposed to rabies picking up bat

PostPosted: Sep 16, 2010 10:12 am
by wendy

Bat that bit UGA student had rabies

Health officials in Clarke County say a bat that bit a University of Georgia student on campus had rabies.
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Health department spokeswoman Sarah Peck said Wednesday that while the bite didn't break the student's skin, health professionals considered the bite to be a rabies exposure. She says the student received appropriate medical care.

The Athens Banner-Herald reports that police say the student saw the bat crawling on a sidewalk outside the Student Learning Center early Sunday evening, and the bat bit him when he picked it up.

Peck says Athens-Clarke County Animal Control officers euthanized the bat, which later tested positive for rabies at the state Public Health Laboratory.


on a side not, when I attended UGA I remember seeing sick or dead bats occasionally outside some buildings, never understood why you would pick these up