Welcome to the new Cavechat

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Welcome to the new Cavechat

Postby Wayne Harrison » Dec 29, 2007 6:39 pm

As you can see we've made some changes....

We've upgraded to phpBB 3.0 software, which allows more functionality of the forum. You'll find your old username and password will still work Added bonus: you can now sign in with the email address you registered under, instead of your username.

You'll find you can adjust your preferences by clicking on the "User Control Panel" text link on the upper left. Added bonus: You can change your username to something else if you don't like the one you picked originally. The new name will still link to your old posts. Added bonus: You'll see an "Online" banner in the poster information section to the right of each post (if they are online).

Please go to your profile page and check to make sure it is set correctly. There's also an actual place to put in your NSS number, if you are an NSS member, and your Grotto affiliation. It will show up below your avatar along with other information in your profile. Added bonus: If you put your birthday in, the forum will display a "Happy Birthday" message for you on your birthday!

The new software does not allow HTML code but we have BB code replacements for most everything you'd need. Added bonus: You can embed YouTube flash video or Quicktime Video in your posts using BB Code.

The Shoutbox is now on the bottom of the forum but you can get to it quickly by clicking on the "Jump to Shoubox" text link on the upper left of the index (main) page. Added bonus: You can easily add smileys to your posts. The author of the Shoutbox only supports IE 7 and Firefox, so if you have something earlier, you may not see it line up correctly.

Added bonus: We now have a good, interactive caving calendar, thanks to Google. and the various Grottos and caving organizations who use and share their caving events via Google Calendar. It's posted at the top of the Caver Events section of the forum. There are instructions for how to add caving events to the calendar underneath the calendar

Hint: You change the way the date and time are displayed everywhere on the forum by going into your User Control Panel under "Board Preferences" and selecting the date format you want. (User Control Panel link is on the upper left) If you want the date displayed as Dec 29, 2007 4:35 pm instead of some of the other choices, chose "Custom" and enter: M j, Y g:i a

Take a look around, and kick the tires. If you find a problem or something that's not working as it should, please post a trouble report in the IT Forum: viewforum.php?f=23

Thanks very much to NSS IT Chair Darrell Wells for making sure this switchover went as smoothly as possible!

Please post your comments in the "New Look" discussion in Open Talk.
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