New to the Caving Scene (Boone, NC area)

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New to the Caving Scene (Boone, NC area)

Postby AG74683 » Nov 19, 2008 1:37 am

Hey guys! Ive been into the backpacking, camping, hiking stuff for a while now, and took my first venture underground last weekend. I went to Worley's Cave with our Outdoor Programs here (I attend Appalachian State University). I am HOOKED! Most fun Ive ever had! I am a Biology Major (Ecology) here, and actually think I want to specialize in Cave Ecology now. I loved every minute of it.

Anyways, it SEEMS as though caves are few and far between. Im sure this is incorrect. Im not asking for anyone to reveal locations, yadda yadda. Im just asking if there are alot more than a simple internet search leads me to believe. Id hate to invest in tons of caving equipment, just to end up going to one or two over and over. I understand that in order to find more opportunities, I must join a Grotto? The only thing I see with this, is as a student my time is limited, and the few Grotto's located near me are still pretty far away. How do I work around this and still participate?

Thanks guys!

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Re: New to the Caving Scene (Boone, NC area)

Postby slapout » Nov 19, 2008 2:50 am

welcome andrew I to have little time since i travel all the time but thats what makes this sport so great. your local grotto will work with you and if you cant make it to the meetings thats cool to I am pretty new I can get with other grottos in other states or around the world. But get with a grotto when you can they can show you alot and save you alot of money trust me I did the trial and error thing and spent alot of money. and yes their are many caves in NC and a grotto will have a list I got mine the hard way days doing research in a libary get a hit in this another in that book and so on dont do this it will kill you. :yikes: I wish that knew of this web page and of the help that grottos when I started.
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