New to cavechat...Long time caver

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New to cavechat...Long time caver

Postby 1stcavemud » Sep 30, 2006 1:54 pm

Hello all! Just discovered this site, thought I'd have a look. I now live in caveless S.E. oHIGHo but cut my caving teeth in Central PA. appalachian
limestone. I've been caving for 34 yrs. having started in 1972. I joined the NSS in the mid 80's. I USED to be very involved with local grottos but had too many bad speleo-political experiences. I now cave with a small group of very dear freinds who, like myself, enjoy hardcore, push caving.
We've discovered many previously unknown caves and sections of new cave in known caves! I can proudly say I've been in virgin cave many times and hope to be in more soon. Our group works very diligently on all our digs. We don't stop 'til the end result! Git R DUN! I'll probably do more reading than posting....we'll see. I love digging and surveying, photography and scientific studies. I don't like politics...I LOVE to cave and caving I do. Thanks to all SAFE, CONSERVATION minded cavers.
PROTECT THE CAVES!!!!! :caver:
I got my feet underground, not on it!
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Postby Scott McCrea » Sep 30, 2006 3:27 pm

Welcome to Cavechat!
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