New to the community not caves :)

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New to the community not caves :)

Postby Cain » Aug 11, 2006 3:30 am

Hi I'm from north Alabama and have been caving for most my life but I have never been a part of the caving community until now the reason I waited till now I honestly don't know but id like to share my story of why

a few months back I visited a cave that I had been in many times and got myself lost (and my friends) for the first time ever it was scary no doubt but I remained calm and got my friends out but after that I couldn't go caving and getting lost haunted me (dreams even) until last weekend when I decided the only way I would get it out of my head was to go back to the spot and so I did for the first time I felt renewed respect for this and all caves not that I hadn't practiced safe caving before but over the years I just got lazy about some important things (Hench the getting lost) and as we were leaving I was sick at the way the entrance has been destroyed over the years so I took the trash bags I had for my cloths and stuffed them full of everything I could find littered in the cave and after two full hefty sacs I looked around and trash was everywhere like I had made almost no difference

so I decided to get involved with the community and this is my starting point and I plan to join the NSS soon maybe this week and try to find out how to get involved with the local grotto which I think is Huntsville but like I said this is all new to me so any advice or tips on how to get involved would be much appreciated

also I apologize for lack of punctuation I'm lazy and sleepy its way past bedtime

Cain Mahan
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Postby Phil Winkler » Aug 11, 2006 7:01 am


Welcome to the forum and the caving community. It sounds like your heart is in the right place, too. Huntsville is a great grotto with a bunch of fine people. You will have fun.
Phil Winkler
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Postby graveleye » Aug 11, 2006 8:48 am

welcome Cain!

You're story sounds a bit like mine - although I havent been lost in a cave. I've not known where is was, but not lost :tonguecheek: But seriously, as a "city-boy" with country roots, the first caves i found myself in were trashed and it broke my heart to see what irresponsible people can do by trashing a cave. Thanks for taking the time to pick some up. I wish everyone would!

Welcome aboard!
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Postby Landon Parks » Aug 11, 2006 11:32 pm

Welcome Cain! I think you'll find being involved with a grotto will help you out a lot. I never would have gone as far as I have without networking with other cavers.

I'm kinda new to these forums as well... But look around, your sure to find a lot of Information.

See ya!
Landon D. Parks
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