New to Cave Chat and relatively new to caving

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New to Cave Chat and relatively new to caving

Postby Captain Flounder » Sep 14, 2021 1:40 pm

My daughter (almost 7) and I are avid hikers but if you've ever been to the Southern United States in the summer you know that the conditions for comfortable hiking disappear by the end of May. Plus ticks and snakes start becoming a real concern as well. We stumbled upon the magical word of caving via a walk in to Stephen's Gap and had the great fortune to meet some SCCI people afterwards who planted the seed to try Limrock and Tumbling Rock. We're hooked! The only drawback is that you can safely hike with two but not cave. We're at the mercy of the availability of our outdoor enthusiast friends who we have managed to rope into the love of caving too.

If you read this and are compelled to respond, I would love your ideas for kid friendly caves in the TAG. We've already breached the two hour drive in our quest for waterfall hikes (and there are a lot!.) Nashville to Birmingham to Chattanooga pretty well defines our 'normal' outdoor activity boundaries.

Thanks! I look forward to corresponding and hopefully caving with some of you in the future.
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Re: New to Cave Chat and relatively new to caving

Postby carbon8 » Jan 24, 2023 9:31 pm

77-80 Music City resident and grotto member. Exchanged my public sector hire for same on the west coast.
Went back twice. First to sell my city residence, Returned again with kayak to visit Nickajack Cave and
the Snail Shell River Cave System. More recently kayaking inside flooded lava tube upon an active volcano.
Presently reside 30 miles as a crow flies from my front door to the caldera of another active volcano. County
Karst includes but is not limited to glaciers, lava, limestone....... etc. Ditto, British Columbia. Be good and
learn to see more.
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