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Hello from Denton, TX

PostPosted: Jan 19, 2015 5:56 pm
by Jake McLeod
Hi! My name is Jake McLeod and I'm from Denton, TX. Originally from Lansing, MI, I've also lived in Flint, MI (attending Kettering University); West Lafayette, IN (attending Purdue University); Peoria, IL; and all around the DFW metroplex.

I got into caving through the Purdue Outing Club POC during my short stint as a Mechanical Engineering Grad Student at Purdue. I was able to hit Buckner's Cave and Doghill-Donahue. I didn't get into any caves until I got to Texas (where I'm currently the chair of the DFW Grotto), but now I cave a handful of times a year. I'm currently the chair of the DFW Grotto.

My most memorable cave experience was dropping Valhalla in 2013. I am currently gearing up to participate in the 2015 Sistema Huautla project, which should be the most epic single journey of my life so far.