Greetings From Thailand

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Greetings From Thailand

Postby ThaiStick » Oct 22, 2013 11:12 pm

Hey Yall, Greetings From Thailand.

My First and last Time Caving was about 1963 or 1964
when i was invited to go "spelunking" with some friends.
At the time i thought it had something to do with jumping in the water.

After they explained it to me, and being a Vietnam Vet adrenalin junkie,
i decided to give it a try.

Byers Cave here i come.

There were four of us, Three Guys and a Girl, Equipped with long sleeve shirts,
jeans, elastic band head lamps, tennis shoes,
and small supply bags of food, water, and spare batteries.

To make a long story short, we made it down to a Gigantic Circular Cavern,
that had a huge rock table formation in the center that rose up to the ceiling.

I was told that we were 1000 feet from the surface, and there was a book
chained to a small formation which everyone signed with their name and date.

I have to admit that going down was a lot easier than coming up.
We took a route that went through a very narrow crack in the rock,
at the time i had a waist of about 28", and it was a tight fit for me.
Not to mention being about an hour to crawl out of.
It may have been less time, but it sure seemed longer than that at the time.

I still remember the Thrill of Adventure and Amazement i had then.
And i was planning on doing some more, but life took me on another path.

After all these years, that experience decided to surface today.
I do not even remember my friends names, as time and location parted our paths.

So should anyone be making a trip to Byers, or have any info on how to get a
list of names from that Log Book in the Cavern, please contact me.

Best Wishes to All of you,
and Hope that any who have not had a chance to Experience Caving,
will take the first step of what can be a lifetime Adventure.
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Re: Greetings From Thailand

Postby Caving Guru » Apr 28, 2014 8:24 am

Nice trip report. So is Byers Cave in Thailand? Your English is very good.
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