climber turning caver in WA

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climber turning caver in WA

Postby Dane B » Jul 23, 2012 1:10 am

I usually skip these introductory posts...not big on talking about myself I guess. But as I'm new to caving as well as the forum...and as my first post will be held up until a mod confirms I'm not a robot...why not?

I've done some fairly difficult and quite long journeys through the mountains in Washington...primarily the Olympics, such a special place to me. Quit my job and spent 50 days in the Olys a few years back, bagging a lot of summits and off-trail routes and high alpine traverses as I made my way across the national park. Gruelling exertion day after day and more than a few sphincter tightening moments, but it made the highlights that much sweeter.

Since then I've kept pushing myself, looking for bigger challenges on steep snow and rock. Got chased outta the mountains by avalanches on my last big attempt but I've been chipping away at the bucket list of summits.

I've been interested in caving for years and finally seem to have gotten a foot in the door. I've visited a handful of lava tubes around our state's volcanoes, and while they may lack the exquisite depositional formations found elsewhere holy crap are they awesome. So much variety. Every contour tells a story. Every square inch has something to marvel. The cold, the wet, the awkward claustrophobic passages...they're like the brutal bushwack before you break out into an alpine wouldn't be half the experience without em.

I'm hooked!

I'll be heading up to some alpine marble next month (mountains + caves, does it get any better?) and can't wait to see more of what WA has to offer, but I see travelling in my future...hope to meet some of you in person one day.

Preferably deep underground :bananabat:

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Re: climber turning caver in WA

Postby jeffkruse » Jul 23, 2012 8:26 am

Welcome Dane! I would suggest joining the Cascade Groto. There are some caves near Stevens Pass off of I90. Then the lava tubes near Mt St Helens. I also here there are a lot of caves on Vancouver Island. Good luck.
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