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new member just saying hi

PostPosted: Sep 28, 2011 9:53 pm
by prodigol_son
hey everyone my names prodigol,my girlfriend and i have recently become cave junkies,I say recently but for the past 3 years.By all means we know little but enjoy alot,We live in the WMA area in arkansas,needless to say the ozarks are filled with caves,holes,bluffs,slits,cracks,and occasional sink hole.Were interested in meeting new people who share the same enjoyment we do when visiting caves.some times we've walked for 8 hours befor comming across a cave,last one we found was whipperwill, i believe theres been a few threads about that cave,every time we go in we find new ways around the huge laberith of tunnels.well if anyone in arkansas or visiting arkansas would like to get together and do some exploring or what not feel free to give us a shout. if you like to be obnaxious or tear stuff up,you probably wont enjoy our company to much,but if you enjoy safe caving and exploring feel free to shout.