Two Noobs from Cookeville Tn

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Two Noobs from Cookeville Tn

Postby sjphill » Oct 4, 2010 7:21 am

Using this forum to introduce my daughter and myself. I'm Steve, 53, she's Sarah, 13. We're from Cookeville Tn and new to Caving. So far we've,,,,,joined the Upper Cumberland Grotto, joined the NSS (no number yet tho), went into Blue Springs Cave, Flooded Canyon Cave, practiced rapelling in a guys backyard and done a 68 ft up/down into Morgan Pit. We've looking forward to going to TAG this week, just Friday cause Sarah as a X-country meet on Saturday, and buying equipment there (harnesses, ascenders, rack etc). We've bought helmets and pads off ebay. We're reading "On Rope" and practicing knots now.
What Ive seen of cavers and caving so far is awesome, really cool attitudes, respect for the nature we inhabit (big deal to me, im a former backpacker) and a lot of respect for showing Sarah how to do it right. Looking forward to meeting folks on this forum, Soooo hi!
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Re: Two Noobs from Cookeville Tn

Postby Cody JW » Oct 4, 2010 10:03 am

Welcome, sounds like you are doing the right stuff to get into caving. The local grotto and others in your area will steer you well. You may also want to look into joining the SCCI, they own lots of caves in TAG. You live in the best area in the US for caving ( my opinion) , it is almost an injustice to be an outdoor person and not be into caving in your area.If you go to regional events like TAG fall cave in ( this weekend) or SERA normally in the spring you will have a chance to meet lots of cavers .
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Re: Two Noobs from Cookeville Tn

Postby wendy » Oct 4, 2010 1:14 pm

sounds like you two are off to an awesome start. I hope I run into you guys this weekend :-) :kewl:
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