Georgia Noob.

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Georgia Noob.

Postby GNwes » Jul 21, 2010 9:08 am

Hey everyone. My name is Wes and I have been a member here since 07 apparantley but have never made a post to even introduce myself! I originally joined because I used to live in Fl and was big into diving springs and caverns but wanted to get even more into it and start cave dive training.... fast forward to now and the training still hasnt began! I guess I'll put it a little lower on the "to-do" list for a time that is more convenient in my life.

I do however possess a strong interest in caves... i guess its the exploration side of me that likes to be places not many others have been. I used to explore storm tunnels under the streets of my neighborhood when i was a kid... extremely dark, and likely extremely dangerous but we live and learn right? I think the first time I ever went into a natural overhead environment was cumberland caverns as a boy scout. I remember having tons of fun going through all the squeezes and climbs and camping out in there over night... what a blast! Ever since then I was a kid i was big into hiking.. and if there was an opening in the rocks i would.. and still do go check it out in hopes that it goes back for a distance to explore.

It seems however that I am in a great place for caving... the TAG area, I live in Canton (ATL area) and have noticed a couple of nice grottos nearby. I hope i am not too late to really get into this activity due to the wns affecting bats? I dont know much about it but i will continue to read and make educated decisions. So anyways i just wanted to say hi to everyone and test the waters to see if there was anyone nearby!
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Re: Georgia Noob.

Postby Batgirl » Jul 21, 2010 1:28 pm

Welcome to Cave Chat Gnwes,

If you live in Canton, you should consider coming to the next Dogwood City Grotto meeting. We are the largest grotto in the country and offer beginner trips and training to horizontal and vertical caves. We meet at REI Atlanta the first Tuesday of every month. The next meeting will be August 3rd.

In terms of WNS, both GA and AL caves remain open. TN is the only state in TAG to follow USFWS cave closure advisories. Plus there are many privately owned caves that are and will remain open to us. Come on out, we will take you caving.

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