New Silva Compass with laser?

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New Silva Compass with laser?

Postby Aaron Addison » Feb 4, 2010 4:16 pm

I ran across this new? (at least new to me) Silva Compass

Has anyone used the insturment in a cave yet?


Aaron Addison
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Re: New Silva Compass with laser?

Postby Bob Thrun » Feb 4, 2010 4:51 pm

In the US it would be sold under the Brunton name.
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Re: New Silva Compass with laser?

Postby Dan Henry » Feb 4, 2010 7:30 pm

Interesting. Would hate to accidentally look into the wrong end. Also, the system they discuss of having the second person wearing a reflective vest to sight along boundary lines is fairly comical.
Dan Henry
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Re: New Silva Compass with laser?

Postby trogman » Feb 6, 2010 7:58 am

I have considered mounting a laser to my Tandem to help pinpoint where my clino is aimed at. The compass laser IMO would be better if they attached one of those lenses to it that projects it as a line rather than a point. Sometimes, with a large inclination, it is hard to line up the compass when you have to keep it level. A vertical laser line would be a great help for such a situation. In any case, one of the issues you would have to deal with is not pointing it into your partners eyes. The other thing I wonder about is the metal in the laser, in particular, the batteries, causing error in the compass readings. I am assuming that the manufacturer took that into consideration and shielded it. This is something I am trying to work out with my laser/clino idea-keeping it from affecting the compass. The only sure way I know of to do it is to make the laser mount where I can easily remove it when I want to take a compass shot.

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