New release 6.0.4 of Therion

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New release 6.0.4 of Therion

Postby Martin Sluka » Nov 28, 2021 11:09 am

Hi, there is a new release 6.0.4 of Therion.

Therion 6.0.4 (2021-11-28):

    MapBackground colour variable available in MetaPost(corresponding to 'color map-bg' set in the layout)
bugs fixed:
    fixed bug with counter and depth instrument calibration
    fixed error message for map containing only previews
    depth is incorrectly taken from surface legs [#165]
    cmyk/grayscale color export fix
    fix shapefile generation issues under Windows (only when usingthe embedded shp library)

bugs fixed:
    fixed grayscale surface image rendering

bugs fixed:
    sketch import file browser case-sensitive to filename extensions [#390]
    fix lintian warnings by using a different shebang line

    generate help and locale files for target loch
    cmake improvements by Matěj Plch [#391]
    updated Makefile and getvtkver.tcl for loch
    fix thbook reproducible build (cmake only; SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH should be set)
    support thbook compilation with luatex
    use only current OS versions for make-based builds on GHA
    fix/workaround for wine32 installation on Ubuntu 20.04 on GHA
    updated libfmt [#388]
    updated proj testing script
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