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New release 6.0.0 of Therion

PostPosted: Jul 13, 2021 10:29 am
by Martin Sluka
Therion 6.0.0. (2021-07-13):

For repository of Therion check

Release notes:

* support for colour models: cmyk, rgb, grayscale (see the color-model layout option in the Thbook)
* support for colour management (see the color-profile layout option)
* support for linear and radial shading (colour gradients) in MetaPost (withlinearshading and withradialshading options)
* support for smooth colour transitions of scrap backgrounds in PDF maps if the map-fg is coloured by altitude
* added smooth-shading <off/quick> layout switch – quick is the default
* reimplemented internal processing of patterns and transparent colors in MetaPost (incompatible changes: the drawing option 'withtransparentcolor', macro 'def_transparent_rgb' and predefined transparent colors tr_bg, tr_white, tr_black were removed; use the drawing option 'withcolor <color> withalpha <number>' instead)
* reimplemented conversion of MetaPost output to PDF
* support for double precision number system in MetaPost (this eliminates the current MetaPost limits; see the chapter Limitations in the Appendix of the Thbook)
* tex-refs-registers <on/off> initialization file option added (see the chapters Initialization files and Limitations in the Appendix of the Thbook)
* support for LuaTeX as an alternative to pdfTeX
* support for relative paths in TeX (\inputrel, \savepath and \loadpicture) and in MetaPost (inputrel)
* updated Serbian translation
* bugs fixed:
- symbol-hide,show,color not working for user defined symbols
- ISO8859-2 literals in the source code caused clang warnings
- removed unnecessary SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the thbook Makefile
- fixed numerical instability in l_overhang_SKBB
- swapped anastomosis & karren symbols
- no station scrap continuation list [#333]
- fixed arrows flipping [#245]
- colour preview-above doesn't work [#90]
- KML export fix [#84]
- p_smartlabel fails with a picture argument
- other minor fixes
* included {fmt} library
* updated shapelib

* Tools→Selection – only displays selected surveys
* bugs fixed:
- missing title
- autorotation issues

* support for CMake builds (thanks to Matěj Plch)
* C++14 required
* use Github Actions to create Github releases

Best regards,
Therion team